First results from Cippenham survey show big support for Robert Plimmer’s campaigns against the mistakes of Slough’s Labour Council

31 Mar 2016

Robert Plimmer has started conducting a survey in Cippenham Meadows to find out what local residents think about the way Slough is being run. The early results from the first streets surveyed show big support for Robert Plimmer's campaigns against the mistakes of the Labour Council on issues such as not listening to local residents on traffic schemes and massively increasing charges for sports pitches.

1. Labour's traffic schemes including Station Rd/Burnham Lane & Tuns Lane:

A. 81% said Slough's Labour-run Council's traffic schemes had caused delays for local residents.

B. 86% said Slough's Labour-run Council had NOT consulted residents properly about the schemes.

C. 100% said they would like to see councillors elected who listened more to local people.

2. Labour's massive increase in April 2015 in charges for sports pitches:

Only 13% said Slough's Labour councillors were right to raise the cost of adult football pitches by 55%

3. Labour's Heart of Slough/Slough High Street project:

A. 57% thought in principle Slough Council's Heart of Slough project was a good idea.

B. Only 30% thought Slough's Labour Council was doing a good job in completing Heart of Slough projects such as the bus station.

Commenting on these results Robert Plimmer said: 'These results show I've been right to ask Slough's Labour-run Council to take more notice of the opinions of local residents before going ahead with traffic schemes. Also the Labour councillors should drop their massive increases in charges for sports pitches which have resulted in many fewer pitches being booked for both adult and youth football. Slough needs properly integrated policies to promote leisure and health.'

Robert Plimmer at Mercian Recreation Ground, Slough