“Millions of extra pounds could be coming to Slough from developers. This could be the result of Slough Council voting to accept the motion I proposed at the Council meeting on 25 January 2024”, said Lib Dem Councillor Asim Naveed (Elliman Ward) - see right.

Cllr Asim Naveed continued: “As I explained at the meeting, Slough should investigate the possibility of introducing the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Many other councils have used this levy for years to bring in extra funding. This is a way of ensuring developers make a larger contribution to new schools, health and care facilities and other infrastructure in the communities where they operate. The Community Infrastructure Levy usually runs alongside the older scheme called Section 106 payments.”

Cllr Naveed added; “I was pleased that the Leader of the Council, Conservative Councillor Dexter Smith (Colnbrook Ward) seconded my motion, and it was supported by the entire Conservative group on Slough Council.”

The chair of Slough Lib Dems, Councillor Frank O’Kelly (Cippenham Village Ward), said: “In my speech supporting Cllr Naveed’s motion I drew on expert analysis by Matthew Taylor, my predecessor as chair of Slough Lib Dems. Matthew, an architect, has shown that some councils in Berkshire have raised up to 16 times more than Slough for their communities,  per head of population, by using the Community Infrastructure Levy, in conjunction with the Section 106 scheme.”

Cllr O’Kelly continued: “Slough has had a lot of major developments recently, and so as newly elected councillors, the Lib Dems are surprised to learn Slough’s previous Council failed to bring in more money than it did. But, of course, the important thing is to look forward, especially with all the development that’s likely to be happening.”    

Cllr O’Kelly added: “Now that our motion has been accepted by the Council, the officers can get on with the detailed work of investigating exactly how a Community Infrastructure Levy might work in Slough.

We shall continue to press for it to be introduced as rapidly as possible.  We are confident that, as has happened in many other places, it will bring great benefits to the town by funding the infrastructure and facilities needed to support Slough residents, now and in the future.”

Asim Naveed, Lib Dem councillor for Elliman ward

Lib Dem’s plan to re-join the Single Market

1 Feb 2023
Layla Moran: Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon

31st January 2023, marked three years since we left the European Union.

"I'm sorry to say that in the time since, the full consequences of the Conservatives' botched deal have become clearer and clearer.

For the small businesses now tangled in red tape. For the scientists who are unable to access vital funding. For the farmers who face restrictions on their exports. And for countless others", writes Layla Moran, MP, Lib Dems Foreign Affairs spokesperson.
Liberal Democrats are the UK's most pro-European party. We fought against this shambles every step of the way and we are clear that we want to see Britain at the heart of Europe once more.

Even better, we don't have a wish, we have a plan. That's why party members passed our four-step roadmap to cut down red tape, deepen our trading relationship with Europe, and build back those vital ties of trust and friendship.

We have been making the case for that better way forward recently:

Making the case that a better relationship with Europe is crucial for economic growth
It's clear that in order to finally get the economy growing again, building up our trading relationship with Europe, our largest trading partner, is of utmost importance.

Layla reiterated the Lib Dem plan to boost the economy by building back those trading ties in a piece in the Independent.

A vital step in the plan is "Once the trading relationship between the UK and EU is deepened, and the ties of trust and friendship renewed, aim to place the UK-EU relationship on a more formal and stable footing by seeking to join the single market."

Calling out the day-to-day impact of the current botched trade deal with Europe Our Parliamentarians are busy making the case for a better way forward for everyone from businesses to the NHS. To give one example, we recently found that - thanks to the impact of ending freedom of movement - the NHS is now being forced to spend £180m a year on pointless visa charges. That sum of money could pay the salary of 6,800 nurses. Or earlier this month you may have noticed Liberal Democrat research on the front page of the Financial Times. Our team found that, because HMRC staff have been diverted to dealing with the impact of Covid and Brexit, billions in tax is going uncollected.

Stopping the Government from trashing vital standards
The Conservatives' Retained EU Law Bill is an undemocratic power grab which could see thousands of vital regulations ripped up - including crucial environmental protections. Many of these laws were first secured thanks to the hard work of Liberal Democrat MEPs.

We have been vocal in our opposition to this Bill, voting against it throughout its passage through the House of Commons. You can see part of my speech here:

Watch on Twitter

Now the Bill has passed to the House of Lords, where Liberal Democrat peers will continue to fight against it and its undemocratic measures.