“Millions of extra pounds could be coming to Slough from developers. This could be the result of Slough Council voting to accept the motion I proposed at the Council meeting on 25 January 2024”, said Lib Dem Councillor Asim Naveed (Elliman Ward) - see right.

Cllr Asim Naveed continued: “As I explained at the meeting, Slough should investigate the possibility of introducing the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Many other councils have used this levy for years to bring in extra funding. This is a way of ensuring developers make a larger contribution to new schools, health and care facilities and other infrastructure in the communities where they operate. The Community Infrastructure Levy usually runs alongside the older scheme called Section 106 payments.”

Cllr Naveed added; “I was pleased that the Leader of the Council, Conservative Councillor Dexter Smith (Colnbrook Ward) seconded my motion, and it was supported by the entire Conservative group on Slough Council.”

The chair of Slough Lib Dems, Councillor Frank O’Kelly (Cippenham Village Ward), said: “In my speech supporting Cllr Naveed’s motion I drew on expert analysis by Matthew Taylor, my predecessor as chair of Slough Lib Dems. Matthew, an architect, has shown that some councils in Berkshire have raised up to 16 times more than Slough for their communities,  per head of population, by using the Community Infrastructure Levy, in conjunction with the Section 106 scheme.”

Cllr O’Kelly continued: “Slough has had a lot of major developments recently, and so as newly elected councillors, the Lib Dems are surprised to learn Slough’s previous Council failed to bring in more money than it did. But, of course, the important thing is to look forward, especially with all the development that’s likely to be happening.”    

Cllr O’Kelly added: “Now that our motion has been accepted by the Council, the officers can get on with the detailed work of investigating exactly how a Community Infrastructure Levy might work in Slough.

We shall continue to press for it to be introduced as rapidly as possible.  We are confident that, as has happened in many other places, it will bring great benefits to the town by funding the infrastructure and facilities needed to support Slough residents, now and in the future.”

Asim Naveed, Lib Dem councillor for Elliman ward

The Lib Dem candidates to change Slough Council

1 May 2023
Amjad Abbasi & Asim Naveed-Lib Dem candidates for Elliman Ward_2023

Slough Lib Dems have a strong team of candidates for the elections to Slough Council on Thursday. Their diverse backgrounds, occupations and community roles reflect those of the diverse population of our town.

Lib Dem candidates in the key wards of Cippenham Village and Elliman, where the Lib Dems are hoping to gain 4 seats from Labour on May the fourth, have occupational experience that will be vital in trying to restore proper financial control to Slough Council after the mismanagement by Labour councillors.

In Cippenham Village, Lib Dem Matthew Taylor is an architect and knows Slough Council could bring in a lot more money from developers to pay for infrastructure and facilities around new developments by using a scheme called the Community Infrastructure Levy. This is widely used by councils elsewhere. Also in Cippenham Village, Lib Dem candidate Frank O'Kelly manages the sales and customer support team of a Trading Estate company.

In Elliman Ward, both Lib Dem candidates, Amjad Abbasi and Asim Naveed, are local businessmen, and will bring this experience to help restore proper financial management of Slough Council. The photo shows them in Elliman Ave where Amjad used to have his business.

Manjit Singh, Lib Dem candidate in Cippenham Manor, is a chef, and Catharine Parkes in Haymill is an educational researcher and so both bring experience of important aspects of the lives of Slough residents.

Finally, Gurmail S Hothi in Cippenham Green, and Josephine Hanney in Langley Marish wards, are both retired, but will bring valuable experience to the council. Gurmail was self employed and worked on market stalls, while Josephine worked in the leisure sector and the NHS in Langley and Slough.

The Lib Dem candidates will also bring the experience of a range of roles in the community life in Slough. Examples include: Frank O'Kelly who is vice-chair of governors at one school attended by his children, and is also active in his local neighbourhood watch.

Amjad Abbasi was a volunteer with the Royal Voluntary Service during the pandemic and Josephine Hanney was a volunteer at the vaccination centre at Langley Health Centre. Josphine is also a trustee of a local housing charity and helps run the Langley Carnival.

Manjit Singh volunteers in local Gurdwaras, and Gurmail Hothi has been a volunteer working with the Sikh community in Slough. Catharine Parkes has also been a governor of two schools in Slough.

For more details of the experience, community roles and aims, if elected, of each Lib Dem candidate, please see the list below arranged in alphabetical order of ward:

Gurmail S Hothi, Lib Dem candidate for Cippenham Green ward 2023

Cippenham Green Ward Liberal Democrat candidate: Gurmail Singh Hothi

I have lived in Slough for over 55 years, and I am now retired. Previously I was self-employed working on market stalls, and had been a volunteer working with the Sikh community in Slough.

I believe there needs to be a change on Slough Council because most residents feel the Labour councillors have let them down with the bankruptcy of the Council, its £760million of debts and the years of proper accounts that are still pending.

I am concerned about the crisis in the NHS, and the crisis in housing here in Slough. If elected, I would press the council to be more rigorous in ensuring new housing developments in Slough are forced to meet the requirements stated by the council for developments to provide a reasonable amount of social and affordable housing and a sufficient number of parking spaces.

Manjit Singh, Lib Dem candidate for Cippenham Manor_2023

Cippenham Manor Ward Liberal Democrat candidate: Manjit Singh

I have lived in Slough for about five years. I am currently working as a chef.

In my first few years I struggled to find affordable housing which is why if I were to be elected, I will campaign for Slough Council to work to ensure there is more affordable housing.

When I help in Gurdwaras, it is often in Singh Sabha gurdwara.

Frank O'Kelly, Lib Dem candidate for Cippenham Village

Cippenham Village Ward Liberal Democrat candidate: Frank Mark O'Kelly

I have lived in Slough for over 20 years and manage the sales and customer support team of a Trading Estate company. From my business experience I know how valuable it would be to re-establish stronger links with our European partners.

I am married with 5 children and they all attend schools in Slough. I am Vice Chair of Governors in one school, and chair of the Parents/Teachers Advisory Group at another. I welcome the Lib Dems' commitment to a much larger post-COVID recovery fund for schools than that provided by the Government, and as a councillor would work to end the Labour Council's cuts.

I am an active member of my local neighbourhood watch, and believe a properly managed neighbour watch is a great community tool. I am keen to make the council accountable to the Slough community and push for a more transparent decision making process.

Matthew Taylor-Lib Dem candidate 2022-Cippenham Meadows

Cippenham Village Ward Liberal Democrat candidate: Matthew Benedict Taylor

I am an architect and have lived in Slough for 17 years. I am married with a son who attends school in Slough.

My experience with building projects locally makes me aware of the need for reforms in Slough's planning system and for sustainable development strategies. As a councillor, I would press Slough Council to adopt the Community Infrastructure Levy. This is widely used elsewhere, and could bring in millions more to fund infrastructure and facilities around new developments.

With colleagues in Cippenham's Lib Dem Focus team I already tackle issues including litter, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and traffic, and, if elected would be better able to continue this campaigning. Problems were caused along the A4 by the Labour councillors' failure to consult properly before rushing ahead with their flawed bus lanes scheme.

As a keen runner I believe exercise improves mental and physical health, and council policies should encourage this.

Amjad Abbasi-Lib Dem candidate 2022-Elliman

Elliman Ward Liberal Democrat candidate: Amjad Abbasi

I have lived in Slough for 16 years and know many people in Elliman from when I ran a business in Elliman Avenue.

As a businessman and economics graduate, I am campaigning for proper financial management to be restored to Slough Council. Many people tell me how badly they have been hit by the Labour councillors' mismanagement of the council's finances which has led to the cuts in services like the ending of weekly bin collections from June, Labour's sell-off of valuable assets and 10% rise in Council Tax.

As a community volunteer with the Royal Voluntary Service during the COVID pandemic, I know how important it is for people to cooperate. I was pleased to visit the dramatic "Knife Angel" sculpture at Arbour Park Stadium in January, and supported the accompanying police campaign to bring the community together to stand against the dangers of knife and other violent crimes.

Asim Naveed, Lib Dem candidate for Elliman Ward

Elliman Ward Liberal Democrat candidate: Asim Naveed

I trained as a solicitor and enjoy living in the Elliman area of Slough. I now run a local business, and believe it is important for elected councillors to listen more to local people.

In talking to many people in the Elliman area I know they feel Slough's Labour-run Council has not only terribly mismanaged the Council's finances, but has also failed to consult properly, for example over A4 bus lanes.

There is also concern about the level of crime. If elected, I will promote cooperation across all agencies and groups in the community to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and secure more resources for local policing. For example, if the elected councillors encourage residents to report crimes, that helps the police to know where to concentrate resources. I support Lib Dem policy of calling for a guarantee that all burglaries will be attended by the police and properly investigated.

Catharine Parkes-Lib DEm candidate for Haymill_2023

Haymill Ward Liberal Democrat candidate: Catharine Skye Ellen Parkes

My family and I have lived in Haymill for 23 years.

I am an education researcher and have held various posts in the civil service and a research organisation, in addition to having a voluntary role as a governor in two local schools. I have a passionate belief in the importance of educational opportunity for all children, and am angry that financial failings of Slough's Labour-run Council have added to pressures on schools budget from the Government.

I welcome the Liberal Democrats' commitment to increased COVID-recovery funds for education. As a councillor I would work to restore proper financial management in Slough Council which would then mean an end to Labour's cuts.

I would also support well-implemented cycle and walking paths and action to protect the environment. I would push Slough Council to measure current air quality more thoroughly across the town, and properly consult on ways to bring about improvements.

Jo Hanney, Lib Dem candidate, Upton Ward

Langley Marish Ward Liberal Democrat candidate: Josephine Mary Hanney

I am married and have lived in Langley for 37 years. Now retired, I worked in the community in Langley and Slough for the NHS and leisure services.

I am involved in various community activities, including being a local housing charity trustee and helping to run the Langley Carnival. I was also a regular volunteer at the vaccination centre at Langley Health Centre. I believe the Liberal Democrats' commitment to promoting better funding and policies for health and social care services is more important than ever, especially given the crisis in various services such as ambulances, mental health and dentistry.

From my own experience I know the importance of joined-up policies to promote health and leisure. If elected, I would make it a priority to encourage Slough Council to make better efforts to work with voluntary sports clubs and groups in the community to boost physical activity and well-being.